Shoulder Bridge w/ball


Teaching Pilates to Chelsea Simone, New York Knicks City Dancer.

Exercise: Shoulder Bridge w/ball

Step 1 – Start prone holding ball above chest, legs parallel and together, feet close to buttocks, abdominals engaged.

Step 2 – Press pelvis up towards ceiling, driving through heels, keeping all 10 toes planted on the mat.

Step 3 – Extend one leg about 45 degrees, knees touching, kick up towards ceiling 2x with pointed foot, flex foot as you return leg to 45 degrees, repeat (keep hips lifted during kicks but w/o letting rib cage pop out).

Step 4 – Roll back onto mat one vertebrae at a time to return to starting position.

Repeat: 3-5x/each leg, 1-2 sets
Targets: glutes, hamstrings

To see more exercises Chelsea did to warm up for her game, “Like” Pilates Angel on Facebook!


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