Rolling Stomach Massage


Watch how this New York Knicks City Dancer, Chelsea, gets ready for her game!

Exercise: Rolling Stomach Massage on Cadillac/Tower

Step 1 –Lie prone, drape legs over roll back bar so it sits under backs of knees, hold on to poles with straight arms, knees bent, feet flat on mat

Step 2 – Draw knees in towards chest, lifting hips off the mat, pointing knees up to ceiling (keep heels close to booty to keep roll back bar in place)

Step 3 – Touch toes to mat keeping hips lifted (ie: shoulder bridge)

Step 4 – Press pelvis up, toes lifting off the mat, knees pointing up towards ceiling again, articulate spine to mat one vertebrae at a time

Repeat:3-6x, 1-2 sets
Targets: abdominals, lower back muscles, glutes, hamstrings

Catch Chelsea heating up the court at the Knicks games!


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