Side Kicks Series

Teaching Paige Fraser, dancer for Visceral Dance Chicago, Side Kicks Series with variations. Side Kicks are excellent for toning and strengthening the inner and outer thighs, hips, and glutes (aka booty). Développé is a ballet inspired variation of the side kicks series.

Exercise: Développé

Step 1 – Lie on side, hips and shoulders stacked one on top of the other, head propped up (or down) on hand, legs slightly forward, abdominals engaged.

Step 2 – Rotate top leg into a turned out position, knee pointing up towards ceiling, bend the top leg so the toe drags along inner thigh of bottom leg up to knee.

Step 3 – Extend top leg up towards ceiling, lower the leg back to starting position, engaging inner thighs as you lower, repeat 4-8x.

(Photo courtesy Eddie Eng)

You can see the beautiful Paige Fraser dancing with Visceral Dance Chicago!


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