Top 4 Reasons to Shop at Farmers Markets


Every week I make a trip to my local farmers market to shop for delicious organic produce. As I love cooking my healthy eats and sharing recipes, the market is a great place to stock up on freshly picked fruits and veggies.

There are so many reasons to shop at farmers markets, here are my top 4!

1 – Fresh fruits and vegetables have the best flavor and nutritional value
A lot of the produce available at farmers markets are organic and delicious. Instead of purchasing items at a store which may have been sitting on a shelf for a week, you are getting freshly picked food that looks and tastes better.

2 – Supports local farmers & small business owners
Spending money at the farmers market rather than a chain grocery store, helps to support small business owners and builds a sense of community.

3 – You can try new fruits & veggies and get recommendations on how to prepare them
On my latest trip to the market I found cheddar cheese cauliflower and ambrosia apples. Neither of these items are sold at my local grocery store so I was excited to try something new. If you are unsure how to prepare new foods, you can always ask the farmers for advice on recipes.

4 – It’s Cheaper!!
On my weekly shopping trips, I spend about $25 and leave with 3 bags full of fruits and vegetables that provide a week worth of meals! Purchasing food directly from your local farmer is usually cheaper than going to a grocery store because there are no shipping costs. Markets often take cash, credit cards, in addition to SNAP and WIC cards for those who are in food assistance programs.

Do some research to find a farmers market near you!


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