My 5 Favs: October Soap Edition

In my free time when I am not running around NYC, I love to bathe! I imagine myself having a peaceful, luxurious spa day at home with my favorite body soaps, creams, and oils.

In this months edition of “My 5 Favs,” I focus on bar soaps. I visited some of the top shops in the city that carry the best body products on the market. All of the soaps I found are organic and made with essential oils that nourish the skin. Here are some of my top picks:

1 — Honey Oatmeal by Copa Soap ($4.00)
I discovered Copa Soaps at a street fair in NYC. Copa is an acronym that represents the soaps ingredients:
The brand offers a wide variety of scents and bar sizes and I particularly love the Honey Oatmeal. The honey and oatmeal nourish and soften the skin and the bar also has a yummy scent of cinnamon and clove oils that I absolutely love.

2 — Rosemary Olive Oil Soap by Sabon ($6.80)
The olive and coconut oils in this soap act as moisturizing agents while the rosemary stimulates circulation. It can be used for cleansing the body and also as a shampoo for hair. This soap contains invigorating peppermint oil which I love and often use in my morning showers to start my day.

3 — Pumpkin Spice by Ashley Soaps ($5.00)
Ashley Soaps smell so delicious that I want to eat them! Specializing in food scented soaps, the Pumpkin Spice bar is perfect for the season. While picking up your pumpkin for Halloween or pie for Thanksgiving, be sure to order one of these bars on Etsy for a yummy bath.

4 — Patchouli by The Little Soap Shop ($6.00)
With so many amazing scents to choose from, it is difficult to pick one fav. I was delighted to find this adorable little shop in Astoria where Vivian, the owner, explained the entire soap making process to me. Even her parents, who were helping at the store the day of my visit, told me about their favorite products. I love the soft, sweet scent of the Patchouli bar soap for both morning and evening and I am sure you will too!

5 — Sultana of Soap by Lush ($6.40)
The Sultana of Soap bar from Lush has a light and refreshing aroma that I enjoy using especially in the morning. It contains antioxidant rich apricots and you can see the almonds which makes it look like a nougat cake desert. It has a creamy lather and moisturizes my skin.

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