9 Ways to Beat Rainy Day Blues


Rainy day blues? Rather than letting a cold, windy, rainy day ruin your mood, discover ways to keep your spirits lifted. I make an effort to enjoy each and every day regardless of the weather.

Here are my 9 Ways to Beat Rainy Day Blues:

1 — Wear Fashionable, Weatherproof Footwear.
Perforated Booties, Zara ($99.90)

These booties by Zara are cute, comfy, and perfect for a rainy day! I dislike wearing rain boots so these are my current go-to shoes for wet weather. They are a more feminine and fancy version of Dr. Martens boots which the girly girl in me appreciates.

2 — Carry a Cute Umbrella.
Senz Smart Umbrella, Senz ($41)

Having an umbrella that flips inside out on a windy, rainy day does not exactly cure rainy day blues. This umbrella by Senz has an asymmetrical design which makes it stormproof and withstand winds up to 70mph! It also comes in a variety of trendy colors.

3 — Wrap Up in a Warm, Cozy Scarf.
Miri Faux-Fur Scarf, Anthropologie ($78)

When you look good, you feel good regardless of the weather. Forget about the blues when you wear this warm, beautiful, faux-fur scarf by Anthropologie.

4 — Wear Glitter.
OPI with a Nice Finn-ish, OPI ($9.50)

All that glitters is gold with this color from the new OPI Fall/Winter 2014 Nordic Collection. OPI with a Nice Finn-ish is one of my favorite nail colors this season and is sure to make you shine on a gloomy day!

5 — Wear a Bright, Bold Lip Color.
Lady Danger, Mac Cosmetics ($16)

Brighten a dark day by wearing a bright, bold lip color. Lady Danger by Mac is an electric red/orange shade that I love to wear especially on a rainy day. It looks fierce with any outfit and instantly brightens my mood.

6 — Read a Good Book.
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, Barnes & Noble ($15)

Take your mind off of stormy weather by reading a good book. I recommend New York Times Bestseller, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I love the suspense and action in this novel which makes it a great read.

7 — Watch a Good Movie.
Gone Girl, Fandango ($14.50)

Before or after reading the book, I recommend seeing the Gone Girl movie. I love stories that keep me guessing and entertained throughout. Going to the movies is a great indoor activity when the weather outside is frightful.

8 — Take a Yoga Class or Exercise.
Lotus Flow, Laughing Lotus ($22)

Taking a yoga class is great for any day but especially on a rainy day when you prefer to stay indoors. You can focus on your mind, body, and spirit rather than the weather. Laughing Lotus is one of my favorite yoga studios in NYC with lots of wonderful teachers and classes. Even in stormy weather, I leave class feeling relaxed and happy.

9 — Cook a Delicious, Healthy Meal at Home.
Cooking at Home ($depends on meal)

According to WebMD, studies show that a well balanced diet increases energy and feelings of calmness and decreases depression and anxiety. I love cooking nutritious meals at home on a rainy day. Check out some of my “Healthy Eats” recipes on the blog to try at home. Good Food = Good Mood

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