Workout Buddies Werk! 3 Reasons Why

(Photo by Nina Robinson)

There is strength in numbers, literally, when you exercise with a friend. Here are a few reasons why having a workout buddy is beneficial.

1 — Keeps you Motivated.
Having a workout partner keeps you motivated and holds you accountable. You are less likely to skip workouts when you know you have a friend waiting for you. If you ever feel tired or unmotivated, a workout buddy can encourage you to keep going and be your cheerleader.

2 — Makes you Work Harder.
Exercising with friends can push you to run that extra mile or do that last set of squats. I recommend working out with someone on a similar fitness level as you that will inspire you to go further.

3 — It’s Fun!
Spending time with friends is fun whether you are exercising at the gym or having dinner together. Having a workout buddy is a great way to combine social and physical activity.

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Workout Buddy Tips:
* Pick a friend that is on the same fitness level as you that will push and inspire you to work harder.

* Choose someone with a personality that you like so you will look forward to spending time with them during your workouts.

* Create a weekly schedule with your buddy that will encourage you both to be consistent.

* Develop a back-up plan in case your buddy cancels. Rather than skipping a workout when your buddy is out, find an alternative workout. Look for another buddy, take a group fitness class, or do a workout DVD at home.

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