Morning Practice + Healthy Eats 2.10

My morning practice is more restorative today as I strained my hip a little and have to allow it to rest. It is important that we listen to and take care of our bodies.

I am also practicing the Gyan Mudra in my seated meditation which is said to relieve tension and create peace and calm. The tips of the thumb and index finger touch while the other fingers are straight and relaxed. Try it on your own and focus on your breath as you meditate. Namaste.

– cat/cow 3 breaths
– balancing table 3 breaths x3
– downdog 3 breaths
– child’s pose 3 breaths
(Repeat x2)
– shoulder bridge x3
– hundred in table position
– roll up x6
– supine spinal twist 5 breaths
– seated meditation w/Gyan mudra 5min (pictured)
– savasana 5min

FYI I am wearing “Is Mai Tai Crooked?” from the new OPI Hawaii 2015 Collection! It is a beautiful tropical orange shade that looks great on different skin tones.

My breakfast is packed with protein, fiber, and other nutrients that will give me energy throughout the morning.

– oats
– almond milk
– almonds
– cashews
– walnuts
– cranberries
– pumpkin seeds
– granola
– blueberries
– blackberries

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