Pilates Angel Shoot: Behind the Scenes Video

Being a model was not an aspiration for me but just like teaching, I fell into it naturally and realized that I could use it as a platform to inspire people. Although modeling is fun, each production takes time, preparation, and a team effort to be successful. My goal in making this video was to show not just the glamorous aspect of getting my makeup done and the pretty final images. I wanted to highlight the teamwork, the laughter, the times where I flip out of poses after holding them while the photographer changes the lens, the lighting, the angle of a shot and doing it again when my Virgo perfectionist a$$ is not satisfied with the outcome. (run-on sentence)

My yoga teacher teased me the other day because he knew that his class was my 3rd of the day on my not so lazy Saturday. Training consistently is how I maintain my strength, flexibility, and endurance to get through these shoots. In my world, there is no such thing as preparing for bikini season when the weather starts to get warm. Every season is bikini season and if I get a phone call to do a shoot I always have to be ready.

This video is a behind the scenes look at my latest project. Hope you enjoy it!

Angilique xo


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