Sun AM Practice 2.22


(Photo by Fitness Magazine from my March 2015 feature)

After a week of multiple yoga, dance, and gymnastics classes, I am finally giving my body one day of rest (sort of)! However, even on what I consider to be a day of rest, I do a few stretches and seated meditation in the morning before I start my day. Here is today’s practice:

* shoulder bridge x3

* hundred

* roll up

* rollover

* yogi squat 3 breaths

* forward fold 3 breaths

* Sun A x3

* Sun B x3

* yogi squat 3 breaths

* boat pose 3 breaths

* reverse table top 3 breaths

(repeat 2 above x2)

* rolling like a ball

* abdominal series

* swimming

* cat cow 3 breaths

* downdog 3 breaths

* child’s pose 3 breaths

* seated meditation 3min

* Fin


And oh yeah… There was a little interruption during my practice.

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