Pilates Angel Style: Fit Fashion June


(Photo by Audrey Lackey)

With a super active lifestyle running around NYC teaching, dancing, and working out, comfortable and stylish fitness apparel is essential. Check out some of my favorite fitness fashion pieces for this month! 

1 — Edie Short by Splits59 ($48)

These low-rise performance shorts (pictured above) are made with moisture wicking and quick dry fabric. They are super comfy and I especially love the limited edition utopia print. The body hugging fit makes them appropriate for activities such as running, cycling, and I enjoy wearing them to yoga and gymnastics classes.

(Photo by Audrey Lackey)

2 — Medium Impact – Space Dye Sports Bra by Forever 21 ($14.90)

One of my cutest and most comfortable sports bras is available for less than $20 at Forever 21!! I love the ruching in the front and the crisscross straps in the back. It also features a mesh panel on the inside for a cooling feel.

(Photo by Simon McDermott-Johnson)

3 — Ginger 3/4 Length Tight by Splits59 ($89)

The Ginger Tight is made with enhanced moisture wicking and quick dry technology perfect for a sweaty session at the gym or in your favorite class. They are form fitting, comfy, and have a hidden waistband pocket that can hold a credit card or a small key to your locker. The tight comes in a variety of colors and I especially love this beautiful shade of purple for the Spring/Summer season!  

(Photo by Audrey Lackey)

4 — Double Dare Bra by Athleta ($49)

This lightweight bra is stretchy and provides medium support best for activities like hiking and skating. I love the cutouts in the back which provide extra ventilation and are also super stylish.

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Fit Tip: Plan Your Meals!


|| PLAN || Meal planning is essential in keeping a healthy diet on track, can encourage weightloss, and saves time and money! Spending just an hour or so every Sunday prepping your meals means you will be less likely to grab junk and fast food when your schedule gets hectic during the week.

An example of what I pack for lunch is salmon, green beans, black beans, and avocado over brown rice (photo above). 

For snacks I like to pack fresh fruits and veggies from my local farmers market like cucumbers, green beans, and tomatoes (photo above).
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Fit Tip: Meditate!


(Photo by Audrey Lackey)

|| MEDITATE || Although I enjoy an active lifestyle where I run around NYC all day, my wonderful teachers have encouraged me to sit still and meditate. Studies show that meditation can help to reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure, and can improve concentration. I aim for 5-20min of meditation every morning to begin my day with peace, calm, and focus. I recommend meditating first thing in the morning before you check your email, social media, and start a busy day. 

Namaste, Angilique.

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Workout Wednesday: Stretch Back on Stability Ball


Check out my post on the Splits59 blog for the Workout Wednesday feature! I love using the stability ball for strengthening and stretching.


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