Reflection: Healthy Choices

 || EARLY || 9.8.15 — I did NOT wake up like this. It’s too early and I hate everyone! Ok, maybe not but at least that’s how I felt waking up at 5am. With a morning yoga photo shoot scheduled, I take an early morning class to begin my day with calm, focus, and to warm up my body. I rolled out of bed, got dressed, did my French lesson, had a glass of warm water with lemon, and made a matcha green tea smoothie before heading to 630am yoga.

I wish I was one of those people that enjoy going for a 5am run in Central Park but f**k that, I’d rather stay in bed lol. However, waking up early is a choice and I know that I will always feel good and prepared for my day after a morning practice.

After a 4hr long shoot outdoors on an extremely hot day, my morning preparation was certainly a good idea. I was able to remain focused between poses, and wardrobe and location changes.

Remember that we all have choices. We can chose to take care of our bodies just as we can chose to be happy. Think about the choices you will make each day that will serve you and others best.

Namaste… Angilique xo


Photo by Abbey Matson

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