Move of the Day: Tricep Dips

|| DIP || The Tricep Dip is my move of the day. If you feel like the back of your arms jiggle and need to be toned then this should be your go-to move! This exercise can be done using a bench, chair, sofa, or a step.

Benefits: Strengthens the back of the arms, shoulders, and chest.


1 — Start by placing hands on a bench shoulder width apart, fingers pointing forward, and legs either bent or extended in front of you.

2 — Bend your elbows lowering the tailbone down towards the floor then push back up.

3 — Perform 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps.

Tips: Keep the elbows pointing straight up and keep the back close to the bench. Be sure to leave a slight bend in the elbows as you straighten the arms rather than locking them.


Photo by Sherry Dubash at KZP

Top by Splits59

Note: Long Back Stretch is the exercise pictured on the Pilates reformer and tricep dips can be added as a variation.

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