With a love and passion for movement and teaching, Angilique has over 15 years of dance and fitness experience. As a professional dancer, fitness model, and former track and field athlete, she knows the discipline required for maintaining a high level of fitness. She began her teaching career as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Once she discovered the Pilates method, she found it to be the most beneficial form of training for the young, the elderly, and people with physical limitations.

Approach and Education

Classically trained, Angilique challenges all students with the original exercises developed by Joseph Pilates and also incorporates a fusion of exercises derived from her background as an athlete, dancer, group fitness instructor, and yogi. She has worked with a variety of clientele including professional athletes, dancers, supermodels, physical therapy patients, and average adults that want to be strong, healthy, and look amazing. She obtained her Pilates mat and apparatus certifications through Power Pilates and the Physical Mind Institute.


Angilique is a brand ambassador for the following companies:

• Splits59

• BodyLanguage Sportswear

• Carbon38

• GoMacro 

Pilates Angel 

Based in NYC, Pilates Angel offers private, semi-private, duet sessions, in-home training, corporate classes, and participates in special events.

Email pilatesangel.ac@gmail.com for inquiries and rates.



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