Solstice in Times Square 2016

Every year thousands of people from all over the world travel to NYC to participate in the annual Solstice in Times Square Mind Over Madness Yoga event. As an avid yogi, I have been wanting to attend this event for some time but it often falls on Father’s Day so I am always out of town with my dad.

As I was heading back to the city the day after Father’s Day, I saw photos online about the Solstice event only to discover that it was taking place on the day of my return. I just happened to pack a set of workout clothes in my bag so made my way straight to Times Square upon my arrival.

In yoga, we work to find peace amidst chaos which for many people can be quite a challenge to do in a place that is often packed with tourists, giant Elmo’s, a naked cowboy, and city traffic with honking horns. During the hour long class however, I felt a sense of peace, calm, and it seemed as if I were in a quiet space. I believe the feeling was simply the result of me focusing on my breath, closing my eyes, and absorbing the energy of the large group of yogis surrounding me. I don’t remember even hearing a single horn, siren, or people yelling until after the class had ended.

So skip ahead to my favorite part…the free food!! I went from vendor to vendor getting samples of snack bars, smoothies, “skinny” popcorn, and gluten free crackers that taste like tree bark and rabbit food (not that I know what either tastes like). There was also a section where participants could have their photos taken doing their favorite yoga poses. I enjoyed watching people trying to figure out which poses to do and friends laughing with each other as they took photos practicing together. 

Just then a photographer looked at me and said, “I love your hair. Would you mind if I took a few pictures of you?” “Ok,” I responded. Good thing I was prepared with a cute outfit and a mani pedi! Before I leave the house I always think if I were in an accident of some sort and the paramedics had to remove my clothing, my legs should always be shaved, bikini waxed, I should be wearing sexy undies, and have a fierce mani pedi. I mean, what if I’m sent to a hospital to see a hot doctor?? I can’t be seen wearing sweat pants and sneakers…absolument pas!!

So anyway, I start flowing through a sequence of poses for the photographer while tourists on the sidelines stop to take photos as well. Suddenly, this random guy starts yelling at me about how he loves my hair etc. I politely thank him and continue with my impromptu photo shoot but he continues yelling obnoxiously until security guards eventually tell him to leave. Then I remembered… I’m in Times Square!


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Pilates Angel Shoot: Behind the Scenes Video

Being a model was not an aspiration for me but just like teaching, I fell into it naturally and realized that I could use it as a platform to inspire people. Although modeling is fun, each production takes time, preparation, and a team effort to be successful. My goal in making this video was to show not just the glamorous aspect of getting my makeup done and the pretty final images. I wanted to highlight the teamwork, the laughter, the times where I flip out of poses after holding them while the photographer changes the lens, the lighting, the angle of a shot and doing it again when my Virgo perfectionist a$$ is not satisfied with the outcome. (run-on sentence)

My yoga teacher teased me the other day because he knew that his class was my 3rd of the day on my not so lazy Saturday. Training consistently is how I maintain my strength, flexibility, and endurance to get through these shoots. In my world, there is no such thing as preparing for bikini season when the weather starts to get warm. Every season is bikini season and if I get a phone call to do a shoot I always have to be ready.

This video is a behind the scenes look at my latest project. Hope you enjoy it!

Angilique xo

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Monday Moves: Spine Stretch Forward

Spine Stretch Forward is a seated exercise in Pilates matwork that focuses on articulation of the spine. Stretching forward into a C-curve while engaging the abdominal muscles builds strength and creates a nice stretch for the back.

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“Strut Your Best Self” Event

“Strut Your Best Self” is Soho’s first annual fitness expo by Soho Strut. I had a blast teaching students on both the mat and the apparatus. My volunteer pictured above is practicing Going Up Front on the wunda chair.

Gina from Grasshopper Pilates is demonstrating Pull Ups on the wunda chair.

Juice Press provided delicious coconut water and I received a wristband from Work Train Fight after a challenging boxing workout.

Teaching Open Leg Rocker to participants in my Pilates mat class.

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Soho Strut Fitness Expo


Join me on Sat, 1/31, 11am-6pm, as I participate in the first annual “Strut Your Best Self” fitness expo in Soho! I’ll be teaching a FREE Pilates mat class at 2pm with Zengirl Fitness. There will be lots of free demos and giveaways from local fitness studios and retailers as well so stop by and join the fun!

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Lululemon “12 Days of Fitness”

I had a blast performing in the window at Lululemon in Soho for their “12 Days of Fitness” series!


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