Pilates Angel x Refinery29

Click on the link below to see a full body Pilates Mat workout that I shared with Refinery29 Wellness that you can do at home. All you need is a mat!


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Victoria’s Secret Angels Workout: Glamour Magazine

Ever wonder what it’s like to train like a Victoria’s Secret Angel? Gina Papalia and I, from Grasshopper Pilates in NYC, trained these top models to prepare them for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! 

We put together 3 challenging workouts with Glamour.com featuring some of our favorite exercises that we gave the models to get them runway ready. All you need is a mat and a set of 3lb Dumbbells to do this at-home workout!

1 — Abs http://video.glamour.com/watch/how-to-get-abs-like-a-victorias-secret-model

2 — Arms http://video.glamour.com/watch/how-to-get-arms-like-a-victorias-secret-model

3 — Butt http://video.glamour.com/watch/how-to-get-a-butt-like-a-victorias-secret-model

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Move of the Day: Teaser

|| TEASER || Teaser is my move of the day and one of the most challenging classical Pilates exercises. Most of the movements that are performed early in the matwork are meant to prepare the body for teasers.

• Strengthens the abdominals and hip flexors

• Improves balance and coordination

• Stretches the hamstrings


1 — Start lying supine with arms along sides of the body. Inhale to prepare, engaging the abdominal muscles by pulling the belly button in.

2 — Exhale to roll up, lifting the upper and lower body simultaneously. Legs should be at about a 45 degree angle and arms reaching upwards, parallel to the legs.

3 — Inhale to hold the balance, and exhale to roll back onto the mat, ideally with the head and feet touching at the same time.

4 — Repeat x4.

Tips: Be sure to sit up tall in the teaser with the head and chest lifted, but keep a slight curve in the lower back. Keep the abdominals engaged, focus on the breath, and relax the shoulders as you balance. For more of a challenge, start with arms extended behind the head rather than along the sides, and have the legs lower in the balance.

Modifications: If you have tightness in the hip flexors, hamstrings, and lower back, keep the knees bent with the heels together, toes apart, and knees slightly apart in a diamond shape. If you are a beginner and teasers feel too challenging, try practicing the hundred, the roll up, and the lower lift exercise in the matwork series to build core strength.


Photo by Masha Creative for Nóli Yoga with fellow Pilates instructor Katie Yip

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Move of the Day: Wall Straddle

|| WALL STRADDLE || Post morning yoga I practiced my wall straddle, a static stretch used to increase flexibility of the inner thighs and hips!


1 — Start in a seated position sideways so the body is touching the wall. Lie on your back and get your booty to touch the wall.

2 — Extend legs straight up against the wall with feet pointed up towards the ceiling. Slide legs open to a straddle position and hold for several minutes if possible.

______________________________________________ *Place a blanket or bolster under your tailbone if you need more support for the lower back.

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Monday Moves: Elephant

(Photo by Aggie Photos)

Elephant, performed on the Pilates reformer, builds core strength, stability, and flexibility in this arabesque variation.

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Morning Practice 2.4


– child’s pose 5 breaths
– cat/cow 3 breaths
– downdog 3 breaths
– plank pose 3 breaths
(Repeat 4 above x2)
– rag doll 5 breaths
– mountain pose 5 breaths
– Sun Salutation A x3
– Sun Salutation B x3
– chair pose 3 breaths
– boat pose 3 breaths
– lower lift x3
– criss cross x3
– boat pose 3 breaths
– table top 3 breaths
(Repeat 5 above x2)
– single leg stretch
– double leg stretch
– scissors
– supine spinal twist 5 breaths
– shoulder bridge x4
– roll up x4
– rollover
– locust 5 breaths x2
– bow pose 5 breaths x2
– child’s pose 5 breaths
– inversion practice 5min (pictured)

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