Reflection: Good Friends

|| L I F T || Build positive relationships and surround yourself with friends that support, encourage, celebrate, inspire, and lift you higher!

In the past few weeks while nursing an overuse injury, I have been reminded of how fortunate I am to have such wonderful friends. Two of my physical therapist friends have worked on me and helped me to recover. One of my yoga teachers gave me massages, let me borrow a portable massager that I use everyday, and also gave me a book with restorative poses to practice.

As I have regained strength and my pain has decreased, another friend and personal trainer gave me a boxing lesson that was just the right level of intensity for a workout that would not injure me.

How lucky am I?? I am not in luck though honestly because I picked these people to be my friends! Just as we can make healthy diet and exercise choices to take care of our bodies, we can also decide who we surround ourselves with that will enhance our lives.

It is no surprise that studies show that good friendships have a positive impact on our health. Look around you and make sure that you are in good company. The best friends are those that boost your mood, self esteem, and encourage healthy behaviors.

Get rid of negative and toxic people in your life asap! Kick them to the curb! There is absolutely nothing mean or selfish about eliminating people and relationships that do not serve you well. Love yourself enough to make the choices that are best for you.


Photo by Masha Creative for NĂ³li Yoga 2015

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Reflection: Healthy Choices

 || EARLY || 9.8.15 — I did NOT wake up like this. It’s too early and I hate everyone! Ok, maybe not but at least that’s how I felt waking up at 5am. With a morning yoga photo shoot scheduled, I take an early morning class to begin my day with calm, focus, and to warm up my body. I rolled out of bed, got dressed, did my French lesson, had a glass of warm water with lemon, and made a matcha green tea smoothie before heading to 630am yoga.

I wish I was one of those people that enjoy going for a 5am run in Central Park but f**k that, I’d rather stay in bed lol. However, waking up early is a choice and I know that I will always feel good and prepared for my day after a morning practice.

After a 4hr long shoot outdoors on an extremely hot day, my morning preparation was certainly a good idea. I was able to remain focused between poses, and wardrobe and location changes.

Remember that we all have choices. We can chose to take care of our bodies just as we can chose to be happy. Think about the choices you will make each day that will serve you and others best.

Namaste… Angilique xo


Photo by Abbey Matson

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Fit Tip: Plan Your Meals!


|| PLAN || Meal planning is essential in keeping a healthy diet on track, can encourage weightloss, and saves time and money! Spending just an hour or so every Sunday prepping your meals means you will be less likely to grab junk and fast food when your schedule gets hectic during the week.

An example of what I pack for lunch is salmon, green beans, black beans, and avocado over brown rice (photo above). 

For snacks I like to pack fresh fruits and veggies from my local farmers market like cucumbers, green beans, and tomatoes (photo above).
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FitPro Obsession: Mason Jars


Maintaining my lean figure is a result of working out and eating healthy foods. See my latest post on the Splits59 blog about my Mason Jar obsession and a few of my favorite recipes that help to keep me in shape!

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#FitLife 11/24

1) dinner (pictured)
2) 2 yoga classes

What are 2 healthy choices that you made today?? Share in comments with #fitlife.

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