Move of the Day: Hundred

|| HUNDRED || Hundred is my move of the day and is a classical Pilates exercise that helps to tone your abs! Adding a set of 2lb dumbbells makes this move even more challenging for the core, and it will help to create lean, sexy arms too!


• Strengthens and tones the abdominals.

• Warms up the entire body and increases blood flow.

• Tones the arms and upper body.

• Coordinates breath with movement.


1 — Start by lying supine with arms by the sides holding the dumbbells, and knees into the chest. Engage the abdominals by pulling the belly button in and curl the head and shoulders off the mat.
2 — Extend the legs out to a high diagonal with the heels together and toes apart in a Pilates “V.” Lift the arms above the level of the hips and begin pumping up and down vigorously, as you inhale for 5 counts and exhale for 5 counts.

3 — Repeat x10 and that makes 100!

4 — Hug the knees into your chest and lower the head and shoulders onto the mat. Move the head from side to side to relax the neck.


Tips: Keep the body still as you pump the arms by engaging the abdominals throughout the exercise. For more of a challenge, lower the legs closer to the floor, but only as far as you can keep the abdominal engagement without arching the back.

Modifications: If you are a beginner, practice this exercise without dumbbells and start with the legs in a tabletop position, knees bent above the hips and feet lifted as high as the knees. If that is too challenging, you can also perform the exercise with the knees bent and the feet flat on the floor. 
If you have any neck issues, do this exercise with the head down and use a small pillow or towel for extra support if needed.


Photo by Sherry Dubash at KZP

Tights by Splits59

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Be Mine Pilates “V” Day Mat Class

Be mine this Valentine’s Day as I teach a special Pilates Mat Class at Yoga Agora, Sat, Feb.14, 830-930pm, $10. The class will incorporate classical Pilates matwork and a fusion of yoga and dance based exercises that build strength, flexibility, and balance. We will focus on proper alignment, breathing, and fluid movement. Each participant will be given a treat at the end of class that is sure to leave you feeling loved this Valentine’s Day.

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Athleta Pilates Mat with Form Pilates

Thank you to everyone that attended Pilates Mat class at Athleta Flatiron NYC with the Form Pilates team!


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Pilatesology Video Shoot

(Photo via Instagram @imyourangil)

Pilatesology provides online classical Pilates workouts taught by top instructors all over the country. Pilates enthusiasts can have unlimited access to these videos by purchasing a monthly membership at a reasonable price.

In a recent shoot with Pilatesology, I was featured as the body for the amazing Gina Papalia, owner of Grasshopper Pilates in NYC. She provides an intermediate/advanced Pilates mat workout using the magic circle.

(Left: Jack, videographer, Right: Alisa Wyatt, Pilatesology Director)

Stay tuned for the release date of this great workout video that you can practice at home or in a studio!

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