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Victoria’s Secret Angels Workout: Glamour Magazine

Ever wonder what it’s like to train like a Victoria’s Secret Angel? Gina Papalia and I, from Grasshopper Pilates in NYC, trained these top models to prepare them for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! 

We put together 3 challenging workouts with Glamour.com featuring some of our favorite exercises that we gave the models to get them runway ready. All you need is a mat and a set of 3lb Dumbbells to do this at-home workout!

1 — Abs http://video.glamour.com/watch/how-to-get-abs-like-a-victorias-secret-model

2 — Arms http://video.glamour.com/watch/how-to-get-arms-like-a-victorias-secret-model

3 — Butt http://video.glamour.com/watch/how-to-get-a-butt-like-a-victorias-secret-model

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Reflection: Good Friends

|| L I F T || Build positive relationships and surround yourself with friends that support, encourage, celebrate, inspire, and lift you higher!

In the past few weeks while nursing an overuse injury, I have been reminded of how fortunate I am to have such wonderful friends. Two of my physical therapist friends have worked on me and helped me to recover. One of my yoga teachers gave me massages, let me borrow a portable massager that I use everyday, and also gave me a book with restorative poses to practice.

As I have regained strength and my pain has decreased, another friend and personal trainer gave me a boxing lesson that was just the right level of intensity for a workout that would not injure me.

How lucky am I?? I am not in luck though honestly because I picked these people to be my friends! Just as we can make healthy diet and exercise choices to take care of our bodies, we can also decide who we surround ourselves with that will enhance our lives.

It is no surprise that studies show that good friendships have a positive impact on our health. Look around you and make sure that you are in good company. The best friends are those that boost your mood, self esteem, and encourage healthy behaviors.

Get rid of negative and toxic people in your life asap! Kick them to the curb! There is absolutely nothing mean or selfish about eliminating people and relationships that do not serve you well. Love yourself enough to make the choices that are best for you.


Photo by Masha Creative for NĂ³li Yoga 2015

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Move of the Day: Plank

|| PLANK || Plank is one of my top moves of the day, everyday! It is one of the best exercises for strengthening the core and entire body, and improving balance and posture. 

There are many variations of the plank using a stability ball, adding push-ups, mountains climbers, and lowering onto the forearms. The basic plank however is sufficient for toning your abs. Try doing a plank everyday for about 1 minute and you will feel and see a significant improvement in your core strength.


1 — Start on all fours, hands and knees, with hands directly under the shoulders and knees under the hips. Extend both legs behind you, toes tucked under, creating a straight line from head to heels.

2 — Hold the plank position for 15-60sec. Repeat 2-3x.

3 — Rest in a child’s pose, lower knees to mat and open them wide, sit back onto heels, lower chest and forehead to mat with arms extended forward by ears.

Tips: Spread fingers wide and push through fingertips to avoid wrist pain or modify by performing a forearm plank with elbows directly under the shoulders. Pull belly button in and avoid letting the head and pelvis sink so there will be no pain in the lower back.


Photo by Sherry Dubash

Tights by Splits59

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Monday Moves: Russian Splits


(Photo by Audrey Lackey)

Russian Splits performed on the Pilates reformer is an exercise that stretches the hips, hamstrings and tones the legs while challenging core strength and balance!

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Morning Practice 2.12

Today I am practicing the Prithvi Mudra during my 10min of seated meditation at the end of my morning self practice. This mudra is said to relieve the body from fatigue and to enhance strength and vitality. The tips of the thumb and ring finger touch while the other fingers are straight and relaxed. Try this mudra on your own and be sure to focus on your breath during meditation. Namaste.

– shoulder bridge x4
– abdominal series
– roll up
– balancing table 3 breaths x2
– cat cow 3 breaths
– downdog 5 breaths
– plank pose 5 breaths
– child’s pose 3 breaths
(Repeat 5 above x2)
– seated meditation w/prithvi mudra 10min (pictured)

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