“Angilique is wonderful! She knew exactly how to challenge my strength in our first session and had me feeling warm and limber for my performance later that day.”
– Chelsea Simone, NY Knicks City Dancer

“I have worked with Angilique for nearly two years and have advanced far more than I initially expected. My core strength and overall flexibility improved drastically. Angilique’s expertise in Pilates and overall fitness coupled with her warm personality makes her a great teacher.”
– Leyonna Barba, Event Planner

“Angilique’s wealth of fitness knowledge and attention to precision has transformed the way I do Pilates and my body. Her motivational personality and uncanny ability to make you realize your own strength, then surpass it, garners results that transcend just the physical. In other words, Angilique is the real deal.”
– Brooke Dolin, NYC DJ

“We were matched with Angilique Campbell, whose training as an athlete and professional dancer was an asset to our session; we moved through our exercises at a swift pace that kept us challenged and invigorated throughout.”
– BurnThis Review

“In just a few weeks Angilique reversed my aging process. I look like I did when I was 25. I’m stronger, more agile and I feel better. She’s amazing.”
– Allen Greenstein, Film Producer


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